August 9, 2013

TIA (This is Africa)

"M" giving one last hug to Uncle
THANK YOU for ALL of your prayers!

Got encouraging news today.  It appears that our VISAS may be in our hands at 4:00 pm Monday.

If we get the boys' VISAs Monday, then we will be heading home Tuesday evening and arriving into DC on Wednesday afternoon!!!!!!!

All I can say is that GOD moved some mountains today and we know that He heard the prayers being given on our behalf.  We went to bed last night with an unusual calmness and know that it was because of those lifting us up in prayer, and once again, giving control over to our Lord.

Man! I have been learning the same lesson OVER and OVER again these past few weeks...

that I am NOT in control, but my God is.

He knew our sons' destiny even before they were formed in their mother's womb.  He knew the journey they would travel and the hurts they would suffer.

He cares. He loves them more than our human words can express.

Today I saw it.  I saw the love that our FATHER has for OUR sons!

We went to the orphanage to do a "Farewell Party" and say goodbye to all of their friends and caretakers.   My heart ached as we said goodbye to the other children left there, yet I know that this is a good thing for our sons, that becoming a part of family is what God desires for them.

He has a plan for their life...and plan to not leave them without a family.

But as we waved goodbye to David, Hope, Brian, Jen, Esther, Beatrice and many others...God reminded me that he has a plan for them as well and he LOVES them.

My prayer for them tonight is that they will know the love of their heavenly Father first, but also, that God will bring forever families to these other children at our sons' orphanage.

Picking toys donated by family

Sweet Amos 
Mom & Chris

Enjoying their new balls 

Lovely Beatrice
"A" leaving the orphanage for the last time


  1. The love you have for the children of Africa is amazing! A & M are so blessed to have you as parents. Anxiously awaiting your return!!

  2. Dominic and SherylAugust 9, 2013 at 6:56 PM

    Beautiful pictures! So glad that prayers were answered and that you will returning home soon.

  3. God is so faithful! I pray for safe travels and for emotional and spiritual health for all.